1. Would your reading and writing habits be exactly as they are now, or might they be different? If different how? If exactly the same as now, why?

The reading and writing habits could be different for different reasons. It would be different because the individual researcher may not want to share their knowledge in fear of people ripping off their information without doing the work. In other words, there would be secrecy. The will be questions on fact checking because everyone can take any information (correct or not and then) when people are sharing information.

It could be the same for a while because people may be able to write resources (articles, books, papers, etc.), yet, with no copyright laws then another individual can take the exact document and write their name instead. The other individual could be a benefit in any way once they took the book.


2. What might the advantages and disadvantages if this approach be?

One advantage is that information can be shared more widely; gained more easily. Another is that it can be easier to print and scan the physical paper.  Without the laws, there will no one can get charged for sharing.

A disadvantaged is that without the laws, many products, information and more can be privatized and sold for a lot of money. It leads to little to no recognition to the creator/inventor and will not benefit in any form. Another issue is that there can be less control over the flow or distribution of the product/service without the IP that it losses its authenticity as well as the facts within certain products could be deluded and questioned. A fourth disadvantage is any funding coming from private companies, governments, think tanks and other institutions for researchers and inventors because there is no way to protect the information that is there.


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