Group Discussion Social Media and Politics

Reflect (or research) the role of social media in recent elections. Some Examples:

  • 2008 US Election
  • 2015 Canadian Election
  • 2016 US Election



  1. What role have social media played?

In the 2016 election, Trump had one because of the how many people were looking at him and questioning as to ‘why is a business man and television star” running for president and ‘if he could actually win.’ Moreover, it goes to how many people zoned in on him from news outlets and satirical posts of him links to the idea of ‘any news is good news’ because he was getting more news than Clinton which was shared wildly on social media  and added to his campaign even though it has led to concerns of trolling, cyber bullying and hate speech.

Trumps campaign can be viewed as a ‘hated campaign’ because of what he stated about illegal immigrants, Hispanics – mostly Mexicans, and Muslims. This has a 50-50 chance of working well because as seen within the 2015 Canadian election Harper did not win (although less blunt than his American counterpart).

In the 2008 elections with Obama, it was more a progressive and positive campaign which was similar to the Canadian elections in 2015 with Trudeau ‘sunny ways.

2. Is Social Media Stable or Changing in politics

Social media is changing and becoming more powerful depending on how its used and to whom its going to. Also, how many times the information is going to be shared by people and looked at.


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